Friday, January 31, 2003

It all started rather uneventfully, really. We had gone to Haggen to get some food, I don't even remember what. We rented a couple of movies, and then we came home, and I wanted to play "Driver 2". I was aware that my girlfriend had bought a pregnancy test, but I think neither of us was really entertaining the remote notion that anything would come out of it. She looked at me from the stairs and my first instinct was that I did something wrong -- she had this look of seriousness and a smile was there. I've seen that look before, usually regarding odd circumstances that require special attention. I had to sit there and search through my memory to try to pinpoint if it was something I did.

And there it was. A single line that determined the rest of my life. And from now on, nothing would be the same.

That was like Tuesday, and we've been in a stupor even since. We have a doctor's appointment on Monday, but it's not even to really confirm that she's pregnant. Those tests are supposed to be 99.99% accurate. Which is pretty damn accurate I would think. I guess the appointment on Monday is to make sure that everything right? Not sure. It's so oddly surreal.