Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Coolest Little Girl

We haven't been talking about our little girl very much, so I thought I'd mention her, since she is due to make her first formal appearance in less than two months.

My wife has had the feeling that she's dropped, because she is putting a lot of pressure on different things in her body. She's starting to feel Zoe have the hiccups and move more, though the pregancy has been a little easier in some ways, harder in others. Alex had more of an ill effect on my wife, probably because he was a little boy, but Zoe has been easier. In a lot of ways, she feels a little easier in huge part because my wife does not have gestational diabetes with her. With Alex, that meant weekly non-stress tests, constant monitoring of his heartbeat and activity, and doctor visits like crazy.

In whole, really, Zoe hasn't gotten even half the attention that Alex got. I think it's mostly because we've got Alex on our hands, and Zoe's been on the back burner, on the background on people's mind. We haven't gotten hand-me-downs or a baby shower for the little girl, so we've been feeling a little guilty because we haven't bought hardly anything for her. My wife hunkered down and got 4 outfits for her tonight, which was a good idea.

Nobody's to blame - we're up to our necks in Alex's tricks and random screaming, and when we're not doing that, we're working... so hopefully, we'll shape up and pay a little more attention to her. We're lucky in a way because we haven't gotten rid of any of our baby stuff or given it away, because we still need it all. We'll also have a fair amount of onesies and other of Alex's old clothes that are generic enough for her to wear out, and boy clothes that she can wear at home where nobody cares.

I wonder a lot about how she looks, whether she'll be like Alex with longer hair (which would be quite a while before that hair gets to be long), or whether she'll look completely different. My brother and I look very different. But all and all, here's a shout out to our little girl - we love you and we're thinking about you in there! Boogie Woogie!

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