Friday, July 02, 2004

It's hard to believe that in less than a couple months, our lives will once again take a backseat to a new arrival, a certain little girl who will need constant changing, feeding, and lots of TLC. We're still having to grasp that notion of having another baby to juggle, which I'm sure we'll do fine with when the time comes. But it is still something that's baffling to comprehend.

What is easier to comprehend as of right now, is the thought of doing some mininature golfing this afternoon. Never mind that it's a little dorky - we're not the coolest people anyhow. Alex can't really get into it yet, of course, but it will be fun for the adults to partake in a little silliness.

Alex is starting to pick up little things here and there, the cutest recently being swaying back and forth. It started during Packwood, really, when I grabbed him, and hugged him, swaying back and forth, saying, "Whooooaaa." He would make a similar sound and do the swaying himself, tilting his head and moving left and right. Today while I was feeding him, he would sway back and forth - like he was enjoying his food.

My mom will be up tomorrow, to spend the Fourth with us and to visit her grandson. It will be my mom's and Alex's first fireworks display - there's no telling how Alex will take the loud percussions and bright explosions.

Sorry the blog entries have gotten a little slower and duller. I suppose I need to get my head back in gear after being so vacated for so long. Don't really know what I'm preoccupied about. I think I'm starting to assimilate into the collective parenthood mode. Living day to day, doing things one at a time, enjoying the little things that the kids do.

The good news is, I'm getting better at the SSX3 snowboarding game that I got for Father's Day. I'm quite good at that.

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