Sunday, May 11, 2003

I used to have a slight concern about being a young father, even though my dad was about my age when he and my mom had my brother, but I don't think it should really warrant any worries at all. After all, I'm far more mature than I've ever been, but just to convince myself...

26 Reasons Why I'm Old Enough to Handle Fatherhood

1. I'm old enough to rent a car, I'm old enough to be a father. Yeah.
2. I still like videogames, but now I can prioritize and do whatever needs to be done, like change the baby if need be. (This is only true if I never own Grand Theft Auto.)
3. I have to shave at least once every 3 days now.
4. I get cranky when I'm tired - thus, I'm an old man.
5. Naps do sound good more often.
6. Sweets are starting to be "too sweet".
7. I no longer have any desire to mix my sodas at the soda machine.
8. I'm starting to slowly phase out briefs for boxers.
9. I take multivitamins. When I remember.
10. I smile at babies now, even though I ignore their parents.
11. Messes bother me much quicker than before.
12. TV is crap. I get annoyed at TV anymore. I want to keep our kids off TV if all possible.
13. I'm a little better with money. Not much, but a little.
14. I'm more nostalgic toward souveniors. Whatever that means.
15. School education cuts on the news worry me now.
16. I no longer want any more violence or bad tidings, just peace and goodwill.
17. I nag at my wife to put on a jacket, which will no doubt be passed on to our son.
18. Sunsets are more beautiful.
19. Rain still sucks.
20. I no longer aspire to make action movies with guns as much, but more life affirming movies that nobody will watch.
21. Exercise seems logical and necessary.
22. Sleep seems logical and necessary.
23. Personal appearance is starting to mean less and less to me -- nobody gave me the time of day when I looked cool anyway.
24. Family is starting to mean something to me again.
25. Everything seems brand new, and I look forward to explaining a lot to our baby boy.
26. I'm absolutely in love with a little guy that I haven't really even met, and I'm beginning to understand what unconditional love means.

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