Sunday, May 30, 2004

Well, so far my mom and cousin's visit up here has been going on well. I'm glad my cousin has a new big minivan/SUV so we can truck everyone around in just one vehicle, and everyone has their space. That kinda cemented the idea that maybe a bigger SUV wouldn't be all that bad. For visits and whatnot.

Not a lot of highlights to be had, my wife is still adapting to my mom (and probably vice versa), and there's a lot of cultural differences that surface in everyday interaction that I didn't know was a big deal. For instance, my mom has been telling my wife to take a nap, let us handle the baby, and my wife takes that a little differently than my Mom means it. My wife sees it as, "Well, you're not doing a good job with that, you should go away and do something else." I had to explain to my wife that she may not be seeing what we're seeing, which is a pregnant mommy with a broken toe who's limping around at around 1 mph, and whenever she's carrying the baby, and the rest of us have our hands in our pockets - that just ain't right.

Our cat Wilbur is still missing, and now the other two cats are equally traumatized by my cousin's dog, Ah Shi. The dog is relatively friendly, if not a little too enthusiatic. I consider myself a dog lover and whatnot, more so than a catlover, but Ah Shi did something that wrong yesterday that I have to share it, of course.

Apparently, Alex had a pooper diaper yesterday and Ah Shi, being a dog that he is, smelt it. Well, then he got a little weird and started to hump my son's leg. So I was freaking out, and the dog tried repeatedly afterward to impregnate my son. While my son was crawling away, completely unaware of the hairy evil that lurks above him, the stupid ass dog tried to mount my son. So I tried again and again to push him away, because him not being my dog, I couldn't knock him on the head or anything. Needless to say, there's nothing more disturbing than seeing an animal attempt to seed your baby.

Like I said to my wife, "Yeah, the smell of poop always makes me wanna have homosexual interspecies sex."

Watch that pop up as the result of a Google search.

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