Thursday, December 16, 2004

How to Blow 100 bucks in Calendars

As a disclaimer, to dispel any finger waggers who might have noticed that my constant whining about being financially destitute will conflict with spending 100 bucks - let me explain that it was from a check from my father-in-law to us. Basically, we used our Christmas gift to purchase Christmas gifts for other people. And what they got was personalized calendars for all the parents and my wife. We got 5 calendars because I think when you're a grandpa or grandma, material things just don't mean much anymore. Sentimental things like calendars do.

And now I'm realizing I picked a bad title because I've already told the story by paragraph 2.

I forgot about this story when posting earlier, but it's worth telling. Last weekend, we were having some instant potatoes and at the end of it, Alex was a starchy mess. He eats with his hands, so his face, his chest, and his faces were all potatoey. So my wife decided that it was a good idea to intimidate me with his foodiness, so I defended myself by putting some mashed potatoes on her. My wife took Alex's leg to try to fend off my potato slinging by making him kick my arm, and that sent Alex into hysterics. And soon it turned into a full scale food fight, whereby we're scraping it off the walls and throwing it at each other. The kitchen looked a mess, but we sure did have a ball. It was good to play with my wife like that again, just like we used to.

The little boy is developing a sense of humor through sadistic actions, as we're finding out. Whenever his actions causes us to recoil or get startled, he'll laugh up a storm in the most contagious little chuckle in the world. His bathtime tonight consisted of him trying to throw water at me, and laughing like a crazy little boy. Even at bedtime, he was giggly every time I tried touching his tougue. I suppose that's not a really normal thing to do.

Is it?

Christmas has gotten us worried and cranky, because we're using up gift money to buy for others, and the gifts for others are so budgeted that we, or at least I think that it sucks. It baffles me that other religions don't celebrate the birth of their messiah with buying shit - so our secret (well, not anymore) plan may be to become devout Christians next year, and then just tell people that we're observing the birth of Christ - and we think giftings are vulgar. I dunno, I don't even really care what I get anymore, mostly because I'll buy what I need. I think that's also another thing about have babies - you get reduced to what you really need, and what's really important to you.

Like time with my wife.

Does anyone want to buy me a time machine? Or time-space freezing contraption? Or a cloning machine?

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