Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Anyone who knows me will attest to my caustic wit, which misfires most of the time but will hit the bullseye once in a while. People usually forgive me for this, just because I'm good for a laugh. Even now, being the parent of two really unreasonable little people, I can't help but be a smartass. I figure I have about 12 years before they start understanding irony and sarcasm, and then I'm in trouble because it'll probably came back to haunt me.

I guess it's common knowledge that I've been known to flip off my cat, Franklin, on more than one occasion. Our relationship has changed through the years because my whole perspective on life has changed a little bit. My wife and I discussed this tonight and it boils down to this: Using a job metaphor, our life at home when the babies are awake is now a second job. It pays nothing, is a very challenging position whereby your authority is constantly being tested, work long hours, though the benefits are mostly smiles and giggles. Anyway, the metaphor works this way - because this job is so stressful, it bothers me a great deal when able bodies in the house aren't doing anything to help. So when Franklin is meowing at me because he wants to go to the catbox after being outside for 5 hours, it bothers me because I'm trying to feed two babies and ignore my food deprivation. It's like being at a job and feeling this general discontention toward a worker who's goofing off and doing nothing while you're busting your ass. I know it's not the cat's fault, but at the same time, they don't need to be irritating me with their invalidness. I think at the same time, I'm so envious at their free time that I secretly hate them for having all this free time and squandering it by laying around.

Recently we've been marveled by the re-airings of David Blaine and his "Street Magic". Honestly, now I wished I hadn't looked up some of his tricks, because it does damper some of the appeal. I guess the main thing to keep in mind is that he considers himself an entertainer, and never really alludes to any notion that he's anymore than that. But his presentation, and what he puts of videotape just boggles the logical mind. It's really something to watch it because it tears down your walls of realities, and you know it's all lights and shadows (smoke and shadows?), because if it wasn't, he'd be Jesus. Raising flies and birds from the "dead"? Changing coffee to coins? Resealing an empty pop can to a restored, never open can? It's as cool as it sounds.

Alex was having giggly fun tonight when I hooked up the video camera to my TV so that he could see himself. He was just having a ball sticking his stomach out, doing a little dance, and just checking out himself and being a cool little dude.

Zoe just wanted to rip all the camera cords out. I don't think she cared she was on TV.

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