Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Humorless and Overworked. Luckily I'm Still Extremely Sexy.

But the opinion of one does not make it the truth.

Anyway, I was at work, slogging through pre-inventory goodness, and I was feeling really worn out and fatigued. After taking about an half hour to figure out reverse math - whenever I have to work at 6 or 7 in the morning and I go to bed at around 12, I'm only really sleeping for about 5 to 6 hours a day. That means that's 18-19 hours that I'm up and about. And of course, these aren't regular up and about type duties - this past week I've been scanning boards of old freight for inventory, and doing a lot of lifting and whatnot. And then when I come home, I've been taking the kids out to play and playing with them - no wonder I'm so freakin' tired. But I've done my long stint, and I have five days off now. I'm only pulling 24 hours of work a week, hopeful that the change of the 40 hour standard will be applied to my videography business. So far, no dice. The longest I've worked continuously on my business is 4 hours. Then the children climbed on the walls and ripped at my hair. They couldn't get it gray so they're trying to thin it out at least.

The humorless part and the lack of creativity comment comes from my wife digging up an old post I had made on this blog. It was about the 4 foot tall snow dick that was erected by college students in my old hood, and my recollection of it was so funny that I wondered if I would ever be that funny again. Thing is, I haven't really had a lot of fodder to test it on. I'm sure it's all buried under the stress, the worrying, and the quest for free time. Now the only testing ground I have is my wife, but then again, she laughs at stupid puns like "George Cleaney" (because Mr. Clooney looks like he smiles nice.) I don't joke around much at work, and my kids have downgraded my humor to talking funny, or hopping around like a spastic monkey to get a laugh out of them. They don't appreciate sarcasm and irony, and they're too young for the rest of my jokes, which all have to do with man-on-man love, or some sort of sex-related joke.

I've been itching to do something creative again, after watching Appleseed look so damn awesome. Of course, the end of the movie got wonky, so I have to rerent it again to see the ending. That was harsh. But nothing tenative on the creative side. Just doing a lot of photos of the kids, going to the playground and being big.

Daddy go bed now.

you r sexy! opinioon of two atleast hehe..

yo should do something creative man! you are a genius! :)

i been feeling that "creative/must make something!!!" bug too... hmm.. but what?
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