Saturday, August 06, 2005

I'm supposed to be making bottles right now, but damnit, it's my weekend off and the babies are sleeping, so I'm going to have some time to myself even if I have to kill for it!

Incidentally, the other night I had a tough time sleeping, and I thought it might be interesting to share the experience because it showcases me and a crazy person. So anyway, having to work at six in the morning means having to go to bed at 10 at night, which is really some evil form of punishment bequeathed to me by the gods. I went to bed that night, thinking that I was going to get my 7 hours of rest in, and wake up on time, and be ready to work. But no.

At first, it was pretty harmless zombie dreams. Either I was being chased by them, or people I knew turned into them, I dunno. It didn't startled me too much, I just woke up a little, switched some gears, and went back to sleep.

The next dream tried to one-up my zombie affair with some role playing, this time in the form of Lizzie Borden. Yes, the same Lizzie Borden who whacked her parents with a hatchet over 40 times each about a hundred years ago. I had somehow brought the old crime photos to life by having Lizzie perform the gruesome hatcheting right in front of me, and then for added effect, I was the father who was being hatcheted over the head in my dream. Needless to say, I woke up pretty quick after a minute or two of that. I actually saw my outstretched hands reach outward to pull myself out of the dream.

Boy, I was cranky as hell after that dream. Just didn't feel good at all. I woke up when my wife came home, when my mom came home, and a couple times after that. And the last dream I remember that night was about me. I had more control in this dream this time. I had committed a murder (don't worry, I believe it was someone bad), and I was in the process of covering it up.

So, fun.

Betcha didn't expect to read this on a baby blog.

Anyway, morbid dreams aside, the transition into Redmond-hood has been okay. The conflicting work schedules between my wife and I is certainly undesirable, but we're just hanging in there until a pattern forms and a routine falls into place. Next week is going to be tough - we're both working quite a bit. Right now I'm covering someone's vacation and essentially doing the same job I was doing up in Bellingham, which is auditing. It's not bad, actually gives me a chance to go around, meet people, and throw my weight around. It's strange, but there's truth to what people say about acting like you're the man, and people start treating you like you're the man. I walk around with this false confidence like I know something, and people generally treat me like I've been around for a while. I also find it odd that anyone can basically start working at a store, walking around and doing stuff on the computer, and nobody actually questions whether you're supposed to be there or not. I did quite a bit of stuff and nobody really asked where I worked or what I did. Everyone just assumed I was working somewhere else.

I've been watching the kids a bit more, and I'm rather enjoying their company. Alex is having a ball exploring all the different things and toeing the lines of proper conduct, and Zoe is just having a ball walking around, acting like a silly person. I think I'm definitely my happiest when the two of them are running around the living room, laughing at each other acting like goofballs. I just sit there and revel in my parentness.

Haven't had much time for the business, but starting the week after, things should start settling into a routine. In a week and a half, it'll be Zoe's birthday already. My little girl will be turning 1. Boy, time sure flies when you're on fire.

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