Saturday, May 28, 2005

Busy Chasing Monkeys

Sorry about the lack of posting, but as the weather gets nicer, you know what happens...

I come down hard with allergies.

Whereas many people start prancing around in their shorts and being sun children and trying to achieve a tan that's naturally my skin color, I get floored by the freakin' pollen and other goodies that the great Northwest has to offer. Since I'm off my Allergra due to cost issues (insurance won't cover it, and 40 bucks for a month's supply? No thanks.), I've had to find substitues to fend off the sneezing, the headaches, and the fatigue. Tried Claritin today and it seemed to work okay. The main reason why I haven't been using any is because of our budget anyhow.

Other than that, we're also dealing with colds, all around. My wife passed on it, since she's built a huge immunity to all things cooties, but the babies and I have the runny nose and the whole deal. I've seen more tones of yellow coming out of my kids' noses than I'd care to share. So the kids are fussier than usual, just a bit difficult to handle.

But the biggest thing we've been dealing with for the past few days is Mr. Alex, or Monkeyboy as he is now referred to. Following a stressful night of neighbors having a wild party, Alex work up at 2 in the morning just screaming his head off, in part to the vibrating crap on the neighbor's CD player. Just awful. You just never have neighbors play jazz or something nice, but heavy metal crap or just noisy dumbass trash. Play some fucking Steve Miller and I wouldn't care less. Though I did have some other neighbors play Tiffany once. I think I screamed for about four hours.

Anyway, my wife goes and comforts him, and then after a few minutes, he's back in his crib. She goes back to bed, and we laid there, waiting for the sweet release, but then we heard some noise that was really not right. I told my wife this, and she got up to check and she basically screamed when she opened the door.

Alex was standing at the top of the stairs.

So the screaming made him hysterical again, and my wife is just slightly upset about it. She claims that she did put him in the crib, and I suggested that maybe JL sleptwalk again, taking Alex out. So we decided that the most scientific thing to do is to put him back in there. And it took 20 seconds for him to plop out of his crib and open the door. Third time I put a camera with Nightshot in there, and we saw how he did it. Just climbed out and landed feet first, and then headed right for the camera like some shorter, cuter version of the Blair Witch Project.

He slept with us that night. I called in sick the next day because I was just too tired and sick to deal with it.

The next night was fine.

The following night, he does it again, this time right when we put him to bed. But this time, we have a doorknob childproof cover, chimes on the door, and the door's actually shut. There's a baby gate in the hallway to keep him from the stairs, and the boy banged on the door, screamed bloody murder. My wife checked on him after he quieted down and it was the cutest thing - he had fallen asleep on the rocking chair, curled up into a ball. We picked him up, and he woke up, and scream, escaped, banged some more. About 2 hours later, he was back at the chair, with his legs sticking out.

Today I spend a sweaty 40 minutes converting his crib into a toddler bed without instructions, and Alex had the biggest smile on his face when he saw the crib. He climbed in there, sat around, and just thought he was the biggest boy in the world.

Tonight he went to bed without incident, just fell asleep and was cool about it.

Then there's tomorrow...

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