Saturday, June 25, 2005

Contort, Contort

Nothing like being called for help when you're in your underwear, dressing for work. I go into the room and Zoe managed to one-up herself from wedging her leg through the bars of the crib. This time, she wedged it through the bar out of the crib, and somehow, perhaps with the help of a little boy, wedged it back into the crib, causing it to lock up. She was hysterical, or course, and I was yea close to ripping the bars apart with my bare hands, but I managed to slide, with considerable amount of resistance, her leg out. It's odd because her leg is really too short to manuever itself into that position. Who knows.

Speaking of short people manuevering, Zoe is starting to venture into taking a few steps already. She'll manage about 5 or so, and then do a sprint crawl across the floor. I also think it cute when she stands up and claps for herself. Like a self-celebration of sorts.

The boy has been testing his boundaries quite a bit, throwing tantrums because he's bored, or being quick to whine over nothing in particular. For someone like my personality, who's a "Don't like it, do something about it" kinda guy, it drives me insane. I can take a reasonable amount of whining as long as I think it's just. Healthcare in the States, whine ahead. Your job fired you again because they don't speak English? Shut the fuck up, seriously. So when Alex whines for general discomfort or boredom, I get pretty testy about it. I refuse to have a whiny kid. However, when I have my good moments with Alex, it's great. He made me laugh yesterday when I whipped my head to look at him while carrying him, and he feigned a shocked silent yell.

As for the general being of myself, I've been a stressed, worn, and blah for the past few weeks. Just working the odd 5-2 shifts for two days this week really threw me off, combined with these huge stresses that come with relocating, and just being overwhelmed by the lack of time. There's this cool present I got for Father's Day that I have yet to put on the blog too, due to the lack of free time. Last night my wife and I splurged foolishy in order to reconnect our relationship. We weren't fighting or drifting, but we just weren't being with each other as much as we had before. So we went to Red Robin for some drinks and appetitizers, like Onion Rings and Hot Wings. We have had dinner, and somehow we just devoured it up because it was different. We have developed such a painfully monotone routine due to financial reasons and babies' restrictions that anything different was a welcome change.

Woke up at 7 this morning just to have some personal time on the computer. I was telling my wife yesterday that I felt disconnected from myself, just working and going through the motions without really enjoying myself. Not really caring how I look, what I do for myself, just trudging through what needs to be done so that the kids have what they need, and the teenager in the house doesn't veer out of orbit, and that Ass Face doesn't continue to disrupt any part of our lives.

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