Friday, December 01, 2006

Got my new Canon scanner today, and in addition to being a better scanner for my business for doing photo montages and whatnot, I can finally work on archiving old photos for myself, and working on my Mom's much belated birthday photo montage. Unfortunately, the first two albums I sifted through mostly had photos of me. But I think it's all interesting, so I'll bore you guys with some of them.

Only in the seventies can a little boy get away with that. I'm not sure if the outfit is pink or red, but I used to think that it was my outfit that was making the rhino in the background get riled up. Today I discovered that my Dad had written in the back of the photo, "Who's the adorable little fellow?" or something like that. Fellow, he says.

This was during a birthday party, probably when I was 4 or 5. I specifically remember that I was trying to launch one of the little egg fellows and hoping that the photo would catch the egg in midair. I think it was one of the first birthdays that I remember, because I remember we got a lot of toys, including a bike that you pumped air into that made it go. The table behind my head sorta has an interesting story. I think it's that table anyway. Once someone was babysitting my brother and I and I hid under that table while my brother hid under the kitchen table. She freaked out and it was the last time she watched us.

My 2nd birthday. A picture of us when we were still a foursome. And that's my Dad, whom I haven't seen in 16 years or so, and have contacted briefly when Alex was born. You'll notice two cakes because my brother and I have birthdays only three days apart. For a long time we just shared a cake, or maybe it's after that that we shared a cake. And again with the pink outfit.

thanks for sharing these baby pictures so cool to see!!

but seeing these i can tell you were supposed to be a girl and your disapointed mom decided to pretend you were a girl still hahahaha wooo wooo
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