Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Zoe has this habit of narrating things and generally talking up a earful which I think is pretty cute. She does this during dinner when she's supposed to be eating, and she does this sometimes when I really need someone to cheer me up. She's got a really infectious personality that's curious and obilvious, part cheerleader and part clown. During dinner, she'll take a over-dramatic bite, and then proceed to announce, "I eating, Daddy. I eating. Chomp." She also sports some cadence in her speech, I suspect, because sentences are too much of a mouthful to get out. She'll say something like this:

"Yellow, Crane, over there. Huh."

and then repeat, "Yellow, Crane, over there. Huh."

Until you acknowledge her. When I wake her up from her afternoon nap, she's always quick to get up, and she'll narrate, "I get up. Zoe get up. Hi Daddy. Hi Daddy." and then she'll sit there, rubbing her eyes, and her little bob of hair will be all frazzled in the back. And then, almost immediately, she's in a good mood. Her brother is a little different, he can wake up either in a good mood, or he'll be a really cranky little boy.

Alex's personality right now borders on hyper crazy over-excited boy and insistently stubborn boy. He is frequently all over the place, doing all sorts of voices, and being as agressive as a little boy can be. Holding his hand while we're out sometimes feels like you're water skiing. He'll jump, pull, hop, and circle you until you collapse from exhaustion, and he'll probably sit on you and laugh manically when you're down. As for his stubborness, he'll obsess about something like juice, or a toy, and his mind will be made up. He'll ask for it, hover over it, and repeat it over and over. I'll say something like, "Dude, not right now, please don't ask for it again or you'll get a time-out."

And then quietly under his breath, he'll mumble, "juice."

But the kids are actually doing okay, except that mealtimes have become major productions. 9 out of 10 times, they'll stall, play with their food, and refuse to eat. It's become a little bit of a power struggle during mealtimes because they'll drag out a half hour meal into an hour and a half of repeated reminders, and constant nagging.

I thought it might be a great idea to ship them out the other day, but then I read the fine print during the "Click N Ship" feature on the postal service website that shipping people is illegal, so I resigned to the idea that I would just have to be a parent and take care of them.

So yeah, this Sunday the Nintendo Wii is coming out, and I'm going to be getting one! Wii!

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