Tuesday, October 17, 2006

As the weather swings closer to Spring, it's tougher to figure out what to do with the kids in the evening. Usually, I'm a homebody, but these kids do get kind of restless and insane, so I try to take them to some playground or something, to run off some steam.

Well, being indecisive as I was, I decided to head up to the Bellevue Mall so that they could play around in the playground indoors. It's not a big playground, but it's better than tearing the house apart. When I got there, the weather seemed decent enough, and there's a park with a playground close to the mall, so we decided to go there instead.

Walking to the playground was a bit of a challenge. For some reasons, my kids seem to think that bodies of water need things in them, so they always like to pick up leaves, pebbles, or children smaller than themselves and hurl them into the water. Don't know why. So it takes forever to walk to the playground. When we're there, we're doing well until some idiot kid decides that it's a good idea to jump over Zoe while she's at the bottom of the slide. Granted, she was kinda blocking the end of the slide, but when I told her to move the kid decides to jump over her as she was getting up, and kneed her in the back of the head. Which pissed me off. I kinda yelled at the kid who didn't really care, and I was scanning the playground to see what crap parent was not disciplining their kid, but no one really registered. She was all right, and it was nothing major, but it does bother me when other kids have no playground manners.

So we decide to leave and head back to the mall, to fulfill my craving for a Tropical Colada Smoothie at Orange Julius. After I had it for the first time a month back, I've been wanting another go at it. I go up to the menu board and... there it wasn't. The clerk blabbed something about a chocolate colada, which sounds pretty grody anyhow, and so I got the string, now icky regular Pina Colada. I shared it with the kids, who decided that the best way to drink a shake is by pulling the straws out.

Walking through the mall was challenging too, because as I might have mentioned, these two kids have a pretty severe Halloween jones. Alex wakes up and the first thing he says is, "Halloween." I am not joking. So every store naturally had some Halloween display, which would draw the kids in, and then we look around, and it's... a paper store. Or a candle store. So we'd take three steps into a store, and then head back out.

I have to say this though, I've never felt guilty about my nature calls, but kids will do that to you. I had to take the kids to a stall with me, and Alex felt compelled to check my undercarriage, and say out loud, "Daddy Pooping." Of course, I couldn't say, "No, poop doesn't fit through there," but I felt like I had to defend myself and say, "No, I'm not pooping." Ahh, bathroom with an audience.

My attention just got scattered.

HAHAHA you insane sillywilly.. that was funny stuff. the daddy pooping thing had me litterally laughing out loud again, silly stuff. :)
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