Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vlog entry about being sick, getting photo books, ibook repair, and crying at weddings.

uhm first a complaint.. what the bleeep man, you didnt add "the chase" to your ipodding thingamajig and i had to download it myself and all that and its not in my library and blah blah, why did i bother to download itunes if you are only going to kinda support it?! haha.. end of my rant.. on to my compliment, that was the FUUNNYEST SHIZZAT ive seen in a long time, they so cute and freaky, its so classic, alex running to mammie and zoe squealing like a mouse (?) and then saying "gochyu" to alex at the end... im downloading the sick video now but since its 32 mbs and im on a slow wifi hookup its gunna be another 17 minutes until i see it, if it warrents it ill post again, if not im sure its coolness... i really hope you keep up this video feeding process for awhile, its fun amigo.. peace!

im so your diehard fan, that was beeeeutiful, and me like your silky voice too haha.. dude, you are so crazy, like its hard to know when you are joking and when you are strateup and what not. anyway, i 100% loved that video blog (and you explain my complaint) ..oh.. hey!! can i do promo for you vlog like back in the day? I mean like, rememeber how i used to pass out color papered flyers for your movies? i wanna try to do something like that on the net, even though i dont know how, you dont mind do you? :) i love your blog, and ps, the video picture in picture thing is mad cool, do more do more. cant wait for the next vlog

PPS: in other awesome video news, I finished my short 8mm MOVIE EDIT!! it looks awesome, i am going to make a blog for it and it will be on the net soon, get ready for awesome crack! hahaha wooo
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