Thursday, September 14, 2006

Do the Puyallup Vlog.

This is my first semi-actual vlog entry. I will be starting a new vlog webpage at:

Hope you like it!

OMG!!! THAT WAS SO COOL!!! NO KIDDING!!! I SO DUG YOUR GEEKY RANTS ABOUT STUFF!! DAMN!!! hahahaha really i so dug that, and im not just polishing your nob or whatever they say hahaha..
some critisims, you took too long to begin flipping photos, so the first section was a bit long... but after that it really picked up, talking about animals at the fair is when it started to pull me in and i was laughing out loud when you got to your useless cloud photo rant with the deleting duck photos comment and whatnot, but you endeded rather suddenly. none the less, even if you dont do video (wich is kind of cheating calling it a videoblog, should more be like narriated photo blog hahaha) it would still be cool with your freakywit and awesomeness... please provide lots more. I'm gunna subscribe when i get a computer and internet! :)
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