Sunday, September 10, 2006

I hesitate to say that I'm slacking off today, because today is Sunday after all, and I worked pretty hard yesterday.

Yesterday I videotaped a wedding that I enjoyed, and though I pretty much do enjoy a lot of what I do, some weddings are just easier. Despite showing up late because I showed up at the wrong place, they were pretty cool about the whole thing, which was really nice of them. But also, these guys weren't shy around the camera, but at the same time they weren't hamming it up for the camera either. They treated the camera like a family member, which is really great because in the end, they'll be watching it and seeing how much fun they were actually having on their wedding day. Also, most of the events were pretty well sorted out, and the guests were pretty understanding that the photographer and videographer do have first dibs.

And the couple - I have to say, and it might seem odd to hear, but some couples don't look great on camera because they seem like two people in some arranged marriage. They hardly talk, and when they do, they seem like they're just talking about their laundry. And also, some couples worry too much about who's going to happen that they don't seem like they're enjoying themselves. This couple looked very much in love with each other - singing to each other during the dances, looking into each others eyes with utter adoration - just makes my job so much easier because they really like each other. The wedding next week will likely be the same, since I did their love story and they were pretty happy together.

So I was doing last night's wedding, and the DJ announced that they were going on a 5-week honeymoon - to which I was instantly envious, but excited for them. The only time I've gotten that much time off was for paternity leave, but I didn't take care of no babies in Hawaii or Australia, mind you. Then I thought, you know, I wish I had more alone time with my wife. I mean, we were never really by ourselves since there was JL, but there was more of it. And now that we have two toddlers, we may not ever know the joys of going dancing, or going on extended vacations, that sort of thing.

But anyway, I was trying my best to annoy my wife today, for unknown reasons. But it was fun playing with her, and she told me that she had missed me. This wedding business has me at home, but preoccupied with other people's lives. I'll be back at it tomorrow, after my long night last night, but it was a good wedding to go to. I'm pretty sure that these guys will be happy together.

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