Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blogging at Work

I guess it's a habit now.

Just a few updates, and a few bits of happiness to share.

Was talking to Dansen yesterday on MSN and iChat (because I couldn't decide what the hell to use that is the best with PCs.), and I guess he went through a 4.9 earthquake while I was typing with him, which was really weird. It would've been cooler if we were video chatting, but it was still slightly bizarre.

The retail gods are in my favor today, giving me discounts any which way I can get them. First, I've always wanted mapping software for my Palm, and I even looked at Staples for it yesterday. But anyway from 40 to 50 bucks seemed a bit steep, and a lot of them are pretty limited without GPS support, so I have so far decided against them. But Palm had a rebate, bringing down the software to a comfortable 20 bucks, so I got it online today. It's helpful when Google maps screws me in the butt and gives me grossly inaccurate info while I'm on my way to a wedding. Nothing like being lost on the way to videotape a wedding, I say.

The other godly intervention is slightly more frivilous - Along with the iPod that my mom found were some sweet in-ear earbuds that had sound isolation and awesome bass - only thing is that the earbuds don't always stay on, and one of them had fallen off and got lost. Well, they do sell the replacements at SonyStyle, but after taxes and shipping, the stupid rubber "ear cushions" run almost 15 bucks. Well, lucky me, they had free shipping that ended today, so I got them for about half the price. Woohoo!

Well, I should go to work now. Can't blog forever, you know.

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