Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yeah, I went ahead and changed the title. The address is still the same, but I might change it later on, since only like two people noticed that I was even considering it. You can't lose something you don't know about, right?

I just decided to go ahead with the name change because Zoe turned two earlier this week, thus ridding all babiness from our family. They are both officially toddlers, and I didn't want to rename it American Toddlers because then I'd have to change it again when they became tweens, or whatever the hell they call those things.

I'm at the library, doing my work shift and trying to get some work done on a Saturday, being how I'm on vacation next week. Nevermind that really just means that I'm still working, just at a different location - it's a vacation, damnnit! My new iBook and external Hard Drive are coming with me, you know, in case I get a free moment.

Cue sarcastic chuckle.

So anyway, Zoe's birthday went pretty well. By midday, Alex was thoroughly bummed out because it was Zoe's birthday, and she got first dibs on everything that day. Zoe also became hyper aware of her princess-ness, and used it accordingly. Everything she looked at was hers. Well, almost. But it was a pretty good birthday, with her Aunt Randy and two grandmas going to the playground with them, having cupcakes and a ball at the playground.

With all the presents, it was almost like Christmas again, filling our garbage cans full of cardboard boxes and twisty ties. And our house looks like Geoffrey from Toys R Us wandered in and threw up toys all over the living room. A kitchen set, a new bike, a dollhouse, balloons... Just tons of stuff.

But it was fun, seeing the kids just so happy about the whole day. Cake and sweets and lots of new stuff sure puts a smile on their faces.

Anyway, back to work, man.

Comments: says... u gots a thing for puke dont you? hahaha.. anyway, where u going on vacation? !
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