Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Don't Let Comfort Get in the Way of Progress.

That's the mantra that I've been repeating to myself for consolation.

I made that up by the way, so if you decide to put it on a t-shirt, send the royalties to me.

This weekend, I made another life-altering decision. It will only take a couple thousand dollars, a klepto-centric trip to the zoo, and some exploratory surgery and I will finally realize my dream to become a Centurion. Half-man, half-horse, all Badass.

No, really.

At any rate, it would've been an easier decision to make than the one I had to make, which is to go back to part-time for my primary job. For the record, being a Non-Food Receiving Coordinator is actually not that bad of a job. I think it's the only job in grocery/retail that has 8-5 shifts, Monday to Friday, and holidays off. Plus I get a desk, and a computer. It was pretty tough to give up the position, since I consider myself to be pretty lucky to land it in the first place. But since the weddings that I've shot aren't getting done as fast as I'd like, and my home life is suffering from my absence, I decided that I needed to cut down my workload to something more manageable. I didn't want it to get to the point whereby my kids would only recognize me from the back of my head, since I was always at the computer arranging other people's lives.

I mean, it was the original plan anyway, to slowly phase into videography full time, but I didn't expect the NFRC job to be so comfortable and easy, and enough to keep me busy and challenged at the same time.

But last week, I was in the breakroom and I overheard three girls talking about their college degrees, and I went to speak with one in particular because she did film studies. And she said that it's easy to stay at the company because it's comfortable. Now I've heard that before dozens of times, but this time it resonated probably because the videography thing is piling up on me, and I'm actually making money off of it. And I thought, well, I don't want to be comfortable all my life and be unhappy in the end. A little discomfort and I could be happier with my life, right?

Nonetheless, telling my boss this morning kinda made me sad. I'll miss the deliveries, the books, and the freedom of the position. But hey, videography isn't so bad. I get to go to weddings and stick cameras into people's faces. And I get paid decently. And I'm my own boss.

But most of all, I can spend time with my wife and kids and not feel guilty about not doing work, and vice versa. That perhaps is the most comforting thought of all.

neonvirus.com says...
first i gotta sound like a total old man, but like when i was a kid they didnt broadcast the movie into your car radio it was like clipped onto your window in this box thing so i find the technological improvements impressssive! .. also... Zoe sounds like she likes to push her limits, shes gunna be an interesting teen... fear those moments! hehe...
oh and about the job thing... dude, isnt the point to TOTALLY PHASE OUT your departmentstore job?(trying to use a general term here so as not to give stalker details) i mean, wouldnt life be shiny apples if you could do all videography jobies? wouldnt that be the bomb? shoot for that... dang, i just said "bomb" and "shoot" in the same general area, hope the FBI wont be knocking on your door tomorrow.. hahahaa.. anyway, take care doood!!! :)
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