Monday, June 12, 2006

Nine Minutes of Smiling.

Why can't we make something this cool for American television?

OHMYGOG!!!! you know man? i always think you couldnt be any cooler than you already are (cus you so dang cool as it is) and then you go and post your love for my favorite Japanese TV showie... isnt it the bomb? i used to watch that ALL the time in korea (i had japanese tv in korea, odd but true) i love that, its on with or similar time as "play with Japanese" (nihongo de asobo) which is like super cool too, japanese tounge twisters and like old words and accents and stuff, funkydelic!! uhm, im excited ! woo woo!! keep on rocking in the free world!!! peace... says again...? you thought 9 minutes was good, heres a 12 minute version i stumbled on... woot woot! video link hahaha
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