Saturday, June 03, 2006

Only 4 posts in the last month? What a shame.

I've been pretty busy in the last month, with a wedding in the can waiting for an edit and planning all these other weddings that couples decided last minute to do. Then there was a whale of an account that swung by me, but ultimately was not right for me. It was to be a cooking show hosted by a local chef, and they were really looking more for a production company, but the contact gave me a call anyway, got me all psyched up, and never called me back for my rates. All in all, I don't think it was meant to be because it was a little out of my league. I would've had to request a ton of money to upgrade my equipment to fit the cook's needs. But that feeling of something ambitious got me going again. Got them gears in my head clicking.

Alex and Zoe are going through a bit of a phase right now, not an easy one like teething or not being able to sit up for a prolonged period of time - oh how we wish that was the problem - but instead, the art of Not Listening. This is when you tell them, "Let's go." or "No, that's dangerous." or "Don't run away." and they do it anyway. Their hearing is perfectly fine - I mean, if I whispered the words, "ice cream" right now, they would probably wake up from their sleep and run downstairs screaming, "ice cream! Ice cream!"

Their "Not Listening" thing can be a little tough at times, and the tantrums have returned as well. There's no gradual emotional shift, just a jolt from one end to another - happy kids to rampant village destroyers. They are finally at the same understanding that they are adversarial in nature, because they are siblings and that's what they do. They'll fight over the most mundane things, and on more than one occasion, they even fight about unrelated things. It just takes one kid to say, "Mine!" and the other one will automatically chime in, even though they're both preoccupied with their own toys, with no desire or even knowledge about the other kid's toy.

But yesterday Alex and Zoe did something that was really sweet and cute. They did "Ring Around the Rosie" without music or our coaching, and they were having a lot of fun playing with each other. It's a great fuzzy feeling when you see your kids get along, especially since they spend most of their time fighting.

Alex is showing a lot of progress, and enjoys the nursery rhymes a lot. He tries to repeat them and usually finishes the last few words of every line. Zoe isn't much into the vocal mimicry, but she's certainly into dancing and jumping. My wife is right, she's a cute little dancer when those feet boogie down.

Well, I'm past my expiration so I'm going to bed now.

Comments: says... ITS MINE!! wow.. that can get hard on ya.. goodluck, keep up the steam! and uhm, what about my nursyrhyme VCD i sent from HK? u been playing that one tooooo? and you never replied to my last email, im gunna whack you!whack whack! haha
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