Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've developed a habit of bringing my laptop into work, which is quite a retail-centric environment whereby people don't usually bring laptops into work. Thing is, I don't really get a chance to be on the computer except the couple hours of free time I have after the kids go to bed, and the time I have to go to bed. I'm not kidding, I have about a maximum of 3 hours every week night to do something that remotely resembles "Me" time. And when I have a wedding or photo montage, that's about most of my "Me" time right there.

I can't do much with the laptop at work except blog offline and maybe write some email replies, but it's definitely more productive than watching Jerry Springer on TV. I swear I could've hurled that TV out the window yesterday. It's horrible watching people's ugly human nature televised on national TV. I'm not easily offended, and that show offends me to no end. It's just such an ugly environment.

So I'm sitting here, blogging at work and occasionally pressing buttons on my iPod, which is resting in my breast pocket of my dress shirt. And I just realized that whenever I cranked up the volume through my shirt, it looks a lot like I'm twirling my nipples. Which is why I will keep doing it.

I've been a little bummed that I haven't had a free moment to work on my script, and that it's still swirling in development hell in my brain. Oh well. At least I have stupid things like the news of HD-DVD to keep me occupied.

Which is interesting because if you haven't been following, there are two next generation DVDs coming out, the DVD-HD which is already on its way, with a 500 dollar player and available titles, and Blu-Ray, which is retarding a little with the delay of PS3. I personally think that Blu-Ray is more awesome, but I wonder if it'll survive on its own. Who knows. I do think that in the next few years, that just means that I'm in line for an upgrade soon. Some people will need their weddings in HD, on HD-DVD, so that they can watch it on their plasma LCD TVs. But you know me, I never argue with new equipment.

Well, enough blabbering. I'm quite happy that it's a nice day today. Might take the kids out later and get some more photos.

I have been reading your posts with my keitai cellphone, but i cant get it to post comments so this is the first time (since im on a pc) that i can comment... i enjoy your blog as ever and lots to say but those thoughts are lost at this moment, what i do remember..
your new camera kicks ass! that one monochrome picture of zoe gave me good chills it was so direct to the soul sorta thing.
oh and i also think (even tho i dont like sonys way of closing standards) that blu-ray is better, but from what i understand Betamax (and many other loser formats) were actually better formats, they just lost the ad war.. so who knows if blu-ray will win, but im rooting for it too, woot woot! hahahaha peace :)
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