Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This is dedicated to my little Zoe Bear.

Dear Zoe,

When I first found out you were coming to visit us, it was a relief because we were actually going to use the name "Zoe", since Alex turned out to be a little boy. We were getting bummed that we wouldn't have a little girl, but you pretty much solved that. But we were also exceedingly worried, because markers in your mommy's tests showed that you had a 1 in 200 chance of getting Trisomy 18, which was one of the worst possible things that a parent would have to deal with. Needless to say, that turned out to be nothing at all - but thinking back, we couldn't imagine our lives without a sweet little girl named Zoe.

In the past few months, your personality has really blossomed - you're curious, talkative, incredibly nurturing, good humored, and you've got a really big toe - because you're always toeing the line or just straight out crossing it. You love and look up to your brother a lot, and the next biggest love you have is for Kitty, whom you simply cannot do without. You would request for it by name, and though you don't know that now, we already got a Backup Kitty that we're storing in a safe place, just in case your Original Kitty wanders off.

You love books. You would go to the toy box, grab a book, and throw it in my lap, and then do your cute little backing up thing whereby you just back up until your ankles hit my legs, and then you plop down. And you also do this thing whereby you'd grab my finger, and point it at the objects in the book you'd like to know about. You have a insatiable quest for knowledge that I hope you will carry throughout your life.

And there's your mischievous side, the little girl who tries to get away with murder. You like to test boundaries, and we hope that it becomes an asset to your personality, rather than a burden. We hope that you will push the limits on society, the limits of other prejudices, and become the best Zoe you want to be. You like to wander into the living room with food stuffed to the brim of your mouth, since there's no eating in the living room. You like to "borrow" Alex's toys, and hope that by twisting like a wacky person and screaming, I would somehow overlook the fact that it's his toy. One of our favorite memories is when we told you not to go into a room. You stopped in your tracks, turned your head, and looked at us. Then, with your head still turned to us, your body took a step forward toward the forbidden.

But your laughter and the joy you give is immeasurable. Your laughter are shrieks, giggles, and screams. Your laughter is contagious, lovely sunshine that opens up my heart and puts a big wide smile on my face. Your laughter is medicine for the ills that hinder my day.

You like to show off your knowledge. You like to learn what Alex learns, and you like to repeat things. A lot. And this thing you do, whereby you say, "Hi Aleis. Hi Mamin. Hi Daddy. Hi Whoa-ee" all in one breath is really cute. And for good measure, you even say, "Hi buddy."

I remember during naptime once, when Alex was groggy and I was holding him, and you were still asleep in bed. And though I'm not the religious type who likes to compare earthly things with spiritual metaphors, seeing you lying there on Pooh's tummy, holding Kitty in your state of slumber, I wondered why Angels didn't look more like you.

I love you, Z-Bear. I got your back.

Your Daddy.

awwww... sugar coated sweatness!! ;)

such a nice letter to your zoe.. dang your kids are getting so big, post some videos and stuff, i wanna see the walking/talking munchkins!
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