Thursday, March 23, 2006

Excited about the Big Date

So last night I was making plans, poking around the internet to scour for local events to attend on our Super Weekend, which is our Big Date. March 29 is technically our wedding anniversary, but we thought we could just round it off to the weekend, and stay overnight somewhere downtown and just have some fun. My mom was super-nice and agreed to watch the kids for the weekend, so my wife and I will have some freedom in going places without the kids.

So anyway, here's our plans. I've heard about Dimitriou's Jazz Alley for ages on KPLU, about gigs that are playing there and whatnot, and we're going to watch Stanley Clarke play there. It might be pretty cool since he's been around since the Jazz Fusion, and also the place takes reservations. I mean, Good God, I haven't been to a place that took reservations before, not unless you could Olive Garden's waiting list. And yes, the show and the dinner will probably cost a little bit, but hey, my wife and I get to be adults. That's a rarity.

After that, we're going to the Jet City improv for some laughs. Again, we have never been to a comedy club of any sort, or attended any improv type things. So that will be fun. I'm pretty psyched about the whole thing, that's for sure. I could really use a vacation, even if it's a smallish one.

Looking forward mostly to spending some time with my wife, with no distractions like kids, computers, and editing, that's the biggest thing. We'll just remove all these factors that stops me from being a multitasking fool and I can take the weekend and enjoy spending time with my wife. Sounds like a plan.

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