Friday, March 17, 2006

For one day out of the year, it's actually good to be poor.

I checked the account balance in the bank, and we got paid. That's right, when you have 3 kids, and a combined income of $33,000 and a small business on the side, you get a nice little refund. It's mind boggling the money we're getting back. Alas, we're also neck deep in debt, so we won't get to see very much of the money. Virtually all of it will go back into loans and whatnot.

But good news as well! Once one of the loans is paid off, we will free up almost 200 bucks every month. Doesn't seem like much, but it's still all good.

Instant money is definitely cool.
Cute kid story of the day - I was going to take a bit out of a french baguette today, one that I bought a few days ago, and it was rock hard. So I gave it to the kids to play, which they did, thumped it on the wall. Then I took a nibble out of it, which they thought was a grand idea. So Alex thumped the wall with the bread, and then took a bite out of it. I have photos, but they're still on the camera. So's the video.

People eating oversized foods is funny.

Comments: says... hello from train station internet kiosk thingie... yeah, i think it rocks you can use a comp at work, i gotta get my japanese cellphone hooked up to me blog so i can post from anywherez too! and about the touchyfeeling kind of stuff, yeah i think its funny you being touchyfeeling with anyone (even your kids) cus i remember at your own wedding you were shy about a congradz hug from yours truly. hehehe well, now, im sure your kids will grow up and love u dearly. just love em bunches and dont let em give you any shizzat and it will all be cools. :) woo woo! says... why don my blog comment show up on main page??
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