Friday, February 24, 2006

My new guilty pleasure?

Driving a forklift around.

I know, I've got a college degree and I'm driving a forklift around to stack and life heavy things, not exactly the best use of all the money I put into my education, but at the same time - it's fun.

The last couple days the guys who are usually around during the days have been off, so I've been called on to drive the forklift. Last night I got a bonus round because a truck full of plants came in, and I needed to fork some pallets onto the truck so that the vendor could unload onto the pallets.

That's right, outside forking.

It's like Nintendo, on a much bigger scale.

But I hope it eases up today, because I'm really behind on my regular work.

Maybe just a little forking. Before the weekend.

Comments: says... you geek!! ghahahah that is so cool though, i wanna drive a spoon-lift! hahaha ehm, whhaaaat me saying? hehe
You life things? maybe you can pick up my life some time.
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