Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Mystery of Spiderman.

The funny thing about my son is that he is obsessed with Spiderman. He sings the first line of the theme song, he loves his new Spiderman toothbrush, and he just thinks the world of him. However, he's never watched any Spiderman cartoons, or movies. He doesn't have any Spiderman toys. His only link to Spiderman whatsoever are a pair of squeaky slippers that Grandma bought him. That's it. I guess Spiderman is just that cool.

B and M came up yesterday, and it was nice to see them again. There was a sense of famaliarity and comfort when they were over, just hanging out. My wife had to work yesterday, so it was just me and the kids, but it was nice visiting with them. I felt kinda bad that M got tired and B and I just geeked out talking about web page building, but it was nice to see everyone. Adrian thinks I'm the bomb, I know he does. I'm like this kooky, odd uncle who does stupid tricks to get a laugh.

Work is not stressful, per se, but a little frustrating. And believe it or not, it actually has to do with the Superbowl. Since the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl, our store has been flooded with people looking for shirts and caps and what have you that proud announce that they are indeed, Seahawks fans. But what's happening is that all the shirts come in through couriers and UPS, and that has to go through me first. I'm the first person in the store who knows about Seahawks merchandise coming into the store. However, a lot of the crap that comes in has been coming in with the wrong UPCs, the wrong invoices, wrong everything, and I can't just give it to people to sell without the proper paperwork. But that's just one element of the whole deal. The other thing is that people just flock around me. And I can't do my job when they do that. I'm counting merchandise and they're hawking over me like predatory consumers. Oh well, other than that, the job's doing okay.

Got a wedding coming up in two weeks, and I'm a little anxious about it. I suppose it's better than being overconfident. At any rate, I'll be up to my neck in editing, which means less time to do stupid things like watch TV, relax, and space out. Oh well, that's what I get for doing two jobs. Sigh.

Ba Dum. Ba Dum. Ba Dum. Awrrggghhhhhhh!

read this a few days ago, but im just now commenting... hey btw, is it just me or are your google ads not working?

on to spiderman, well if he is your son, im guessing he's a media nut like you too, so maybe he snuk downstairs and watched spiderman by himself? hehehe :) you never know!
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