Sunday, November 13, 2005


My weekend is turning out to be a banner weekend for productivity. Seems like nothing is getting accomplished, except I did slay a bunch of the undead in Darkwatch, a PS2 game. But that's given.

I'm trying to print a stupid brochure that I've created in Photoshop for my business, and it keeps putting an annoying margin in there, throwing everything off. I have since decided to abandon the idea because I'm sick of printing out bad copies to see if they even line up. I'm sure there's an easier way of doing this, i'm just not sure what that easy way is.

Mr. Alex is upstairs, where he's been for the past 2 hours, just randomly chatting to himself and letting out an occasional yelp. He's okay, but it's supposed to be his naptime. I'm not entirely sure what he's up to up there, but I'm certain he's not sleeping. He just yelped again.

On the other hand, Zoe, who's napping like she's supposed to, is going through a mini discovery of her own. Last night, while I was changing her diapers, she lifted her legs apart as she sometimes does, and she touched her goodies and giggled. She did it again, and started giggling more, and I'm like, c'mon. I told my wife, and she was doing that for her as well today. I guess it's just a natural instinct of sorts, and they say don't freak out about it. I'm just thinking, man. This child is going to be a handful when she gets older. No self-fulfilling prophecies, please.

Looking forward to seeing the Producers after seeing the trailer online. Looks like it's become relevant again, although i think it's part of drama students geekology for a while. Seems like every damn drama student was obsessed with Monty Python or The Producers.

I foresee a future in podcast type film distribution. I think people will start downloading movies and content for 99 cents, and independent films will become more profitable because the internet and home DVD authoring will revolutionize media distribution. Broad audiences will no longer exist, just specific targeted audiences. That's my tangent for the day.

Ah, well. Back to the flipping brochure. Maybe I'll make it like a stupid newsletter instead.

Comments: says.... or make it a poster? or is that what you cant do?
I told my wife, and she was doing that for her as well today. there are too many shes in that sentence i thought you ment, for a second, your wife was giggleing and etc with the baby, weirdness. hahaha peace bro says damn man.. a watched pot never boils! hahaha when I forget about your pages theres always a million posts when I come back, but when I keep checking you never update! give me some vlog, give me some moblog! gimmie gimmie! :) says me again.. update update! me needs an update!
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