Sunday, October 30, 2005

One of Those Text Posts

Yes, due to Dansen's dare, I started a little big of vlogging, though I have to say that it isn't as easy as I'd like it to be. Quite a few steps to make it look presentable and whatnot.

There's oodles to catch up on, but since I have to wake up in five hours and I'm not anywhere close to being asleep yet, I'll have to summerize for the most part.

So with Halloween around the corner, we're finding out that poor Alex is afraid of bats. Not just a general dislike, but shuddering, whimpering, crying type of fear. You'd think he was Bruce Wayne or something. We don't really know how it happened, but he's even spread that phobia to black paper. We used black paper to cut out some bats for decoration, and we weren't traumatizing anyone with it, but I think the first few times he saw it, it tended to be a suprise, like it came out of nowhere. So now whenever we open the door, we have to mention "bats" a bunch of times, and then molest the paper bats excessively to show him that it's okay. Even then he still won't touch it. But that's okay, it's not like we'll be coming across a lot of bats. At least he knows the word now.

As for my personal front, I got my first wedding booked for next February, and I'm damn skippy about the thing. It was a great shot in the arm, and it was ironically from the ad that cost $44 bucks a year. The $365 ad? Nothing. Tumbleweeds rolling through that sucka. I'm really stoked for it because I've gotten so much better at it. I always give myself hell, thinking, well, that's crap. I wished I shot better, edited better, had better authoring... And the other day I was looking at it, and I couldn't stop smiling through my last two weddings because I had captured the essence of it. It was very watchable, enjoyable, and skipping through at a leisurely pace. It was almost as good as having two cameras there.
Plus now I have more dependable equipment, so I should be kicking ass by Feb.

The kids are doing great, should have some Halloweeny photos for tomorrow.

Well, bedtime for me. More about Halloween tomorrow. I'll be going to work as a zombie tomorrow, no makeup necessary.

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