Saturday, September 24, 2005

Roller Coasting

I have to say that parenthood can be a doozy at times. Some days you're just so happy that the kids are getting along, you're having a good, fun day with them, and they're happy, joyous beams of sunlight. And some other days, you just want to point at your privates with an accusing finger, take a cleaver, and yell, "This is all your damn fault, Peter. Now you pay."

Like I told my wife before, I would never cheat on her and have other children because I don't think I could raise another baby. I love my kids a ton, I do, but parenthood is really a tough gig. Some people I think are better at it than others - I observe other parents and think that they're so damn serene and calming about the whole thing, and wonder if I'm doing a good job myself.

Today's events were pretty much stemming from the fact that both kids neglected to have proper naps in the afternoon. Zoe took an extremely short 45 minute nap, and the boy just decided he wasn't tired. What that meant was that at 6:30pm, the fuses on both babies run out and the little implosions start first, then followed by totally unreasonable crankiness. I couldn't put them to sleep much earlier fearing it might create a chain-reaction, leading to nobody getting any sleep or work done.

There have been days when the kids and I have just a ton of fun, playing all day, having wrestling matches, playing poker, smoking illegal substances - just good, clean fun. And I always mean to write about those days, but due to all that weed my brain gets a little vacant, so I don't blog on those days. Instead, it takes a really craptastic night to get me to blog. Oh well. I love my kids a lot, though. If anyone out there knows of a drug that stuns growth, or at least accelerates past the teenage years, I have good money for you.

So, doing a lot of buying these days, in the guise of providing equipment for the business. Really, it's related, but it sure is fun playing with my new cell phone, watching things on my portable DVD player, and listening to my iRiver. Now if I could just convince myself that Plasma TV is a must for editing...

Well, bedtime for me. Gotta allocate time for my wife to read this, you know. She lives for this.

you smoke weed these days? wowsers,.. shouldnt give it to your kids, make them lazy

heh heh
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