Thursday, October 06, 2005

Stalling, Milling, Fuming

Got fifteen minutes to kill. Supposed to work at 7am today but I had to proof my first ad for Moneymailer, my first major ad in the local mailings. 365 bucks is a little hard to part with, especially since I still have trouble grasping the concept of advertising, but hopefully a few in the 10,000 mailings will respond to the ad. Otherwise I'll be even deeper in the hole. I'm sure they will.

So, busy with the kids, getting the business up, and today's the first day of my three day work obligation. Which is good, puts some money in the bank. We're still not saving too terribly much, but we'll get to a comfortable groove soon hopefully. With the business going at some sort of pace, I should be making up for the other 2 days I'm not working.

Fuming at my stepdaughter, who refuses to take any responsibility in her actions. She moans and whines at her father and everyone else north about how she hates it here, about how life is boring here and it's not home, when all she really misses is her boyfriend. Noted is how she never calls her father or sister, but keeps a damn good effort in keeping in contact with her boyfriend. I told her yesterday she was pissing away her relationship with her mother, essentially for a boyfriend of a year, and potentially fucking up her life by deciding that it'll be better to move in with her dad. Her older sister has even expressed concern to us about JL living with her dad, who has no home or job. We're thinking the courts will laugh at him and say no to custody, but it's just the thought that she's gotten so self-centered and mutinious that it really boils my heart. We told her yesterday that she always sidesteps responsibility, like, "Dad was wondering if I could live with him," or "Will wants me to go to homecoming..." and then when confronted with claims of ungratefulness and making plans behind our back, she'll back off and say, "it's not my idea, it's theirs." Does she get it? I doubt it. Cause it's all about her right now.

Man, I'm glad I got a few more sane years before my babies become teenagers. And even then, I hope I would have instilled enough gratefulness, loyalty and basic common sense in them to not have to deal with issues like this.

hang in there~!!
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