Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

As you can see in the photos, Zoe was what Alex was last year, and Alex was Tigger this year. We hit Redmond Town Center because I figured the little ones were too pipsqueak to go door to door, and it would actually be more fun at the mall. Funny enough, this was actually my mom's first time Trick or Treating, like ever. So she had fun pushing the Zoe around in the stroller, and the kids had fun going around, collecting candy from the stores. Alex got the hang of it after a while and once he walked into a store, put his bucket down, stood there and stared at the lady. She put a piece of candy in, he picked up his bucket, and left. Like he was collecting protection candy or something. The lady had a pretty good laugh at that.

Another vendor handed Zoe a piece of candy and asked, "What kind of candy does your mom want?" and my mom answered, "I'm her GRANDMA!" Well, I suppose that's a compliment if anything.

Overall the kids had fun, although we anticipated a storm of Trick or Treaters and only got a flurry. Now we're stuck with a buttload of sweets. Diabetes, Cha Cha Cha.

thats uhm kinda frodian... your mama is your wife??!?! AAAAAAAAAH!! hehehe

uhm, i was a rainbow frog for halloween. really. was kickass!
what were you and the wife?
NOTHING??? adults needa dress up too!
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