Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Year Ahead, A Year Behind

Happy New Year to all, with a big announcements to those to know me B.C. (Before Children) and know how crazy I am about making movies. I plan, I hope, and I will try to make a feature length this year. Either get into the production of it, or get it done. Something. That's my New Year Resolution. I don't care if I'm fat, or drink too much, or have too much time to myself in the bathroom, but I'm going to get a movie started, and that's that.

Thing is, I was at the Supermall in Auburn, (for those who are wondering, it ain't that Super.) and we were watching the babies run around the giant dining table, lounging on the giant slabs of bacon, and my wife and I were talking about this and that, when I asked her who old I was. She told me I was 29, which somewhat came as a surprise to me. I mean, we've had the conversation before, and all that, but goddamnit, I told her that I do not remember being 28. At all. I was 27, and now I'm 29? What the hell is that all about? Where is my fleeting youth? (Fleeting, I know, shut up.) So I decided that I should dedicated my free time, most of it, to getting my movie done, sorta as a milestone, and a birthday present to myself. Because damnit, I'm toeing the thirty line and I've got nary a decent job to prove for it. Yes, I have a beautiful wife, and beautiful kids, and I'm pretty okay about stuff, but if I don't get out there and make my movie mistakes, I'll never get a chance to make them. Next I'll be fourty. And then fifty. And then I'll be looking for someplace to retire. No! Will not let it happen! I'm a mediocre filmmaker and I'll be damned if the whole world doesn't know it! Argh! Angry at myself for letting the years slip by me, man. I'm going to write my movie, and it's going to rule.

And I'm going to start tomorrow, after I play MarioKart.

Comments: says... YAAA AA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAAAAH!! ! !!!!!!!

Dude, I was pumping my fist when I was reading this rant. Yeah! Damn it. Get your ass in gear and show everyone how smart and groovy you are. Make a movie~! And another! and another! and keep making movies until all the stupid people get smart enough to realize youre a genius!!!!! :)
YEAH!!! any support I can possible lend to your project (I cant really hold any susage from this far away hahaha but I could read scripts, offer ideas, work on ads, do voice acting for a cartoon segment, or etc etc you know where i stand!!) anyway.. . DO IT!!!! :)
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