Sunday, December 18, 2005

Some photos to look at.

The photos are a little out of order. This photo is my wife and my mom at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. They had this light display that's pronounced in French, so I'll just call it a light show.

A cool display.

Earlier today we were at Ruby's, and Alex is seen here, maticulously studying a ritz bit.

Some ice formations on my car window this morning.

A tree at the Botanical Gardens.

This was a week ago, when we visited Carla in Centralia. This gull was busy taking a bath and I was taking photos of it. And selling it to the tabloids.

A family of deers actually just hang out where Carla lives. The deer is actually as close as it appears.

This is the morning view outside Carla's place.

My sweetie rainbow cookie.

More lights!

Comments: says... cool pics!!! your such an artist... no joke, you should sell some of your pics to like download sites or make your own CD on lucu or cafepress of stock images! doo it! :)
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