Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Poor Alex. He has a viral infection.

My wife took him in today because he's had his cold for far too long, and her hunch was right. Now he has to take medicine, which he doesn't really mind too much because it's bubble gum flavored. Tonight I gave him a dropper of the pink stuff, and then gave Zoe some apple juice in the same dropper so that she wouldn't feel too left out.

Not really much to post about. I'm worried about my job because I've heard rumors that my position may be altered in the near future, some weekends and some more stupid busy work. Any thoughts about quitting are pretty much quashed by the fact that I'm so inexperienced at other things. Not technical and experienced enough to be a video editor, not experienced enough to be a writer, not experienced enough to be an auditor, a receiver, or anything that I've done before. So I keep going back to my original plan - don't worry about a career in other things, focus on your filmmaking. That's your calling. You may suck at it, but at least you're too passionate about it to tell the difference.

Spend a good amount of time on the forklift today, which wasn't too bad since I couldn't do much receiving with the computer being extremely slow and everything. I really do like my job, and it sucks that it may be a different position altogether in the near future. I do find that at times, I just sit around and tinkle with nothing, but at the same time, I'm trying my best to avoid the retail aspect of this retail job, and this position is very good at doing that.

Oh well, I should get my mom from the bus stop. Play some DS while waiting for her.

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