Sunday, February 19, 2006

Random Things

I used to have this fear, that if I didn't write in a really long time and have a dry spell of non-writing, that I would be unable to come up with anything. Right now, it seems as if it's becoming true. Oh well. I suppose I just have to get back into the habit of writing.

This post however, does come to you via a new machine, my new Mac Mini. I had to get one because the iMac that's been with me for five years have been on its way out, and I found out that the cost of replacing the component would cost from 3 to 4 hundred buckaroos. The guy advised that it wasn't worth it, so I got the mac mini instead. The reason why I did not get a new iMac, believe it or not, is because of the switchover. I didn't know if my version of Final Cut Pro would run on a Intel chip well, and I'd hate to find out the hard way. Anyway, even though it's a little behind on the standards, the mac mini is still about 3 to 4 times faster than what I did have. So that's an improvement for sure.

I'm feeling particularly overwhelmed by all this stuff that's going on. Weddings to do, working 40 hours at a job that was pretty damn stressful last week, and children to take care of. I love my children very much, and they're definitely the most important reason why I get up every morning. This morning in fact, Alex climbed into bed and said, "Hi Daddy", and gave me a big hug. He even said, "I kiss you" and gave me a kiss. He doesn't even know what that does to me. It makes me proud of him, it makes me a very happy Daddy, and he's racking up credit for all the teenagery things that he'll put me through later on in life.

Zoe's sweet too, she's a bit on the wackier side, kissing my picture on the phone and kissing my picture on the picture frame, but generally ignoring me when I try to kiss her. She's a sweetie though. All tonight I was giggling at her because we got the kids a play tent at Ikea and whenever Zoe's in there, her hair drifts up like a Chia pet due to my archnemesis, Static Electricity.

I am not kidding, I've really been hating static lately. I've avoided waiting my fleece altogether no matter how cold I get, because I'm sick of shocking my children when I touch them. Damn you, static electricity! Try kissing your children and having your lips shocked. That's one way I'd rather not traumatize my kids, thank you very much.

I caved and bought The Corporation's keyboard today. Apple has a pretty expensive keyboard with a few extra buttons, and I thought that it was time to upgrade to a full-size, multimedia keyboard, so that I can be a fancy pants and do some kind of fancy dance. So I went to Microsoft's keyboard for 99 cents more. It's not bad actually.

Alright, I'm boring myself.

Comments: says... i googled it and the mac mini looks pretty hot dude, congrads, the hd space enough for your new editing ambitionz? yo yo... hey, i gotta say for a kid I've never seen, a kid that didnt even exist last time i saw you, its pretty freaky that alex is doing basic talking now! wowsers! time flies too darn fast...! he's gunna be in college by the time i see him or something!?!
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