Saturday, March 11, 2006

My wife text messages me at work today to tell me my toy is here, and I get completely distracted. I mean, just batty about it, so I called her back and told her she was a tease. But I finally did come around to unveiling my new used iBook, which I am currently typing on while my Mac Mini is importing some dubiously handheld crap wedding ceremony that I shot. It's not bad for a laptop that's actually about the same age as my now defunct iMac. I guess considering what I could have paid, it's a fairly good buy.

The Pros are that it has 40 gigs, which is rarer in earlier laptops. Hell, I don't even know what the previous owner was doing with that much space, and as far as I know from our email conversation, she wasn't into the graphic design or video. It's chugging on 500 mhz, which is a hundred faster than my iMac, but unfortunately three times slower than my Mac Mini. But it'll serve its purposes, because it is fast enough for video editing, definitely great for writing and great for basic web stuff. A good secondary computer that doesn't suck up spyware.

And since I already have most of the programs, I was able to just copy them and dump them from my Mac Mini to the iBook, and I think the licenses still work okay. I think. I'll find out.

I have to say that a couple of Cons is directly associated with the age of the laptop. The power cord seems a bit on the loose side. Doesn't fall out, but wouldn't take much to take it out. Also, one of the two batteries doesn't even work, and the one that does probably holds about an hour and a half to two hours charge. I don't imagine I'd need any more than that. I wonder if they made hand-crank iBooks?

No, I'm not joshing, it was on the online news a while back. They were making affordable laptops for educating Third-World countries, and they were trying to develop a laptop that ran without electricity and utilized open-source software that would cost about a little over a hundred dollars. And they were thinking that they would make it so that it would be worth close to nothing and look really childish so that no one would think about stealing them.

Well, this is an unfocused post about my new old laptop. I should write about the kids.

And I will.

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