Monday, March 06, 2006

Potty Training

My wife decided to implement potty training today, much to my despair, because she's hardly home any of the nights this week. I was supposed to set the timer every 20 minutes or so, and then take him to the bathroom and just sit and hang out by the toilet. My use of jellybeans as a reward may prove to be more of a distraction than anything else, because then he's just obsessed about having more jellybeans, even though the rule was one per sitting.

But the first time we went to sit, he had already peed.


The second time we went, he had peed onto his fresh pants again. Damnit.


The magical third time, he one-upped me and laid me some brick. Of course, it was again, after the fact when he waddled about and I had to clean poop on the floor. Boy, that was my highlight. And since he was already standing up, I had the pleasure of making him lift up one leg so that I could get the creases and crannies.

And the fourth time, I sorta fell asleep, and he peed again. Got his blanket wet.

I hate potty training probably more than he does.

Comments: says... hahaha thats too gross.
goodluck! just think if you dont potty train him it will be a big problem by the time he's dating in college... ewww! haha

and because im lazy im going to comment on the other entries in this entry... got an ibook too? you computer geek! hahaha.. I'm thinking about buying a laptop thing too.. mainly I'm just going to use internet though, so should i just buy a wifi PDA? what u think? anyway goodluck with everything, im enjoying your neverdead blog as much as ever! :)
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