Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lust has a new Name. It is Nikon D50

I suppose being a geek that I am, instead of requesting threesomes with strangers or an open marriage, my bargaining with my wife consists of, "Can I buy this?" A Mac Mini and a used iBook later, my latest obsession is the Nikon D50. It is an entry level digital SLR, with the kind of photographic control that I lust over. I love my Minolta Z1, but mostly in well-lit rooms or beautiful sunny days. The rest of the time I would take some photos, and then hope they look as good as they did on the LCD when I put them up on the computer. I would say that a lost a lot of good photos like that.

Yesterday my wife and I had a little break, and we went over to Staples to look for a wireless router for my iBook. Lo and behold, they had a Nikon D50 on display, with the battery charged and the lens on. We had swung by Best Buy before, but I had a salesboy (he was like 12) hovering over me, telling me things I didn't understand.

Salesboy: "The Nikon has a CMOS sensor blah blah blah."
Me: Can I take naked pictures of myself in the dark?
Salesboy: Um. Yeah. The on-camera flash will accomodate most situations.
Me: What about inside me?

Anyway, I got to meddle around with the camera a little more, and that's the next big thing for me. I don't have any birthdays or anything coming up that might warrant me getting something cool, even though my 30th birthday is in September, but that would require patience. So I made a deal with my wife, that I would come up with half of the price of the camera by selling my crap, and the other half will be from our money. From my wedding money, or income tax refund, whatever.

So the next phase is trying to figure out what I can sell to reach my goal of $260. Already, I have my dead iMac which will go for, I dunno, 30 bucks. I'm planning to archive all my original CDs and bundle them to sell. Maybe some of my old movies, my Maxim magazines, my film camera, my 1.3 megapixel camera, and whatever else I can find that is of some value to sell. And hopeful reach that goal. Do I need the camera? Well, maybe. It's a great camera, lots of control, brilliant colors. Awesome photos. Do I want that camera?

You betcha ass.

Anyone want a soundtrack bundle? Includes Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Desperado, Shine, West Side Story, Cool World, Pulp Fiction, Reservior Dogs, and When Harry Met Sally.

hahaha you been going through a major spurt of blogging i cant keep up since i dont have a computer, but its yummy keep it up... i just read all your entries and i thought your kidz are such funny crackbabies hahaha i was thinking "damn its like they are my babbies...oops" hahaha no but really, repeato kid kid kid is funny lolz and so is tincan spiderman, dude you gotta get some film of that, or him swearing hahaha evil evil... and about a new digicam, my new lust is the Origami PC by Samsung, the Q1,.. heard of it? i know i know its not apple, but its still dammm cool.. size of a pda but with full OS and stuff.. sweet!!! hehehe cheers
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