Tuesday, March 21, 2006


My wife is so mean.

She forced me to watch Wonderpets on DVR, a show that has captured the kids hearts with it's cutout-reality animals and their singing adventures. It sounds innocent enough, until you actually sit down to watch the damn thing. I am pretty tolerant of kids programming for the most part, but even this show grates at me a little. I say this because I can't stop singing one of their stupid songs after one viewing.

Anyway, the one that my wife pointed my attention to revolved around the Wonderpets going to save a puppy who's stuck indoors, and cannot go wee wee.

Or as the Wonderpets would chorus, "Wee Wee, Pee Pee, Tinnnnkle!"

So if that's not bizarre enough, they figure out how to go out the
doggy door, and the Dog, the Duck, the Tortoise, and the Hamster, all go to different areas of the garden, and they all Wee Wee, Pee Pee, and Tinkle at the same time.

As if that's not the straw that breaks the Weirdness Camel, one of the characters actually says, "Celery tastes really great after a good pee," while gnawing on celery.

Yeah. Your kids may be watching this show.

HAHAHAHAHHA dude you on a roll and thundering down the hill, you is king master of words!!! i was laughing out loud for real reading murder duck and this wonderpets entry (mcdonald one wasnt so funny, but it wasnt dull atleast for me who is interested by mobile computerating~) but really bravo bravo, where did your blog spirirt revive from ? sweetness, pure goodness flowing from you recently, i am inspired to do more of simalar. anyway, hello from way down bottom of japan~! hehehe :) peace!
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