Sunday, March 26, 2006

I was having a relatively good day yesterday, though it felt a little rushed. See, I had stayed up till 4:30 in the morning Friday night putting some finishing touches to a wedding DVD, which is due at the end of the month here, and I woke up at around 11am while the kids were running around like crazed robots. I gathered up some materials, charged up my iBook, and went for an appointment.

After the appointment, I had a wedding lined up for September, and it was the first time in my two years that somebody actually booked the highest end wedding, a $1250 wedding. Of course, if you do weddings, it's a relatively low amount. Some videographers have that as a starting price. But for me, it was something cool. So I was feeling good that day, came home and had some kid fun.

Then I decided to go to the mall in town, which was an open mall. It was a nice enough evening, so I packed up the kids, and bungee-corded the Radio Flyer wagon in the trunk, since the wagon was too big to fit in there.

Got to the mall, and thought silently to myself, "Damn, I really could use a convertible or something. I got such nice hair, I wish I could just have a wind-blown look, or something to that effect." I went for the wagon first, so that the kids won't run around the parking lot. I unlatched the bungee cord and it slipped from my fingers, flying up and landing a thud-sprinkle-sprinkle sound. Thud, I understand. Sprinkle - that's bad.

Sure enough, I looked up and my nuts rolled down my pant legs. My jaw dropped. My ass deflated. My heart skipped. And I peed a little. The metal hook from the bungee cord didn't just ding the back car window. It shattered it.

Alex looked at me through the broken glass and said, "Hi Daddy."

"I guess I'm not going to the mall today," I said out loud.

I had to call my wife because the glass had shattered inward, and the kids actually did have some glass on them. Luckily, the glass stayed mostly in chunks, but the glass was still pretty fragile. It spiderwebbed cracked all over, and you could pretty much just break chunks off with your bare hands.

So out the kids went, they got dusted down, and we switched car seats when my wife came. Alex was such a cutie though, we were walking down to the first level so that my wife could find us, and when we were walking away from the car, Alex said, "Bye Bye broken car." This made me laugh out loud like a clown, as to which a teenager heard as she walked out in front of me. She looked at me with a prolonged look of fear and I might as well had been holding a 10 inch machete with blood dripping off of it.

We drove home, put a couple garbage bags over the window, and I spent this morning vacuuming glass out of the car.

Tomorrow my wife will be taking it to the shop because in Redmond, you can't have a parked car with a butterfly shower curtain over a window. You just can't.

hahaha was laughing out loud for part of this entry, and congrads on booking the big wedding deal, i forgets, whats that mean on your end workwise? and yo, you should figure out some ways to streamline the process so you can crank out them weddings, none the less, coolness, i read all your other entries too... so i wanna say i hopes you enjoy(ed) your time with the wifers, oh and about this blog... alex's speaking is getting good, huh? dang, he gunna be reciting shakespear soon!! haha :)
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