Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Awesomeness of Me (& the Lameness of Being Me, Especially the Last Two Days.)

Okay, First the Awesomeness, because frankly, most of my readers fall into a mild boredom after the first paragraph, because they're sick of hearing about my camera equipment and my new purchases. (Um. Three CCD Panasonic camera for my backup footage.) I was editing a wedding and using the Dave Matthews Song, "Crash Into Me" to montage my way through the photo sessions, and ran into a weird little snag. Just when the tune reached the part whereby the sweet little song turns a bit pervy, footage of the groom and his sister pops up on the screen.

Hike up your skirt a little more,
And show your world to me...
Hike up your skirt a little more,
And show your world to me...

And there's groom and his sister, posing for the photos. So I decided to be a little daring, and spliced out that portion while keeping the portion of the beat intact. You can't even hear the difference. Like that part never existed.

Now the lameness.

I spent most of Father's Day sleeping, or in pain. I slept on my neck wrong, which gives me spinal problems and chest pains. Sound odd, but it happens to me. I get weird ailments, like going into shock getting chest pains when I slept weird. So I had to sit up most of the day, but since it had kept me up most of the night, I had to take some of my wife's Vicodin from her old prescription from her pregnancy (expired meds! Awesome!), and then take a nap while my kids waged war on my head.

And today I went to work in a daze, which got worse when I realized that it wasn't getting any better. Things were too bright, noises were too loud, and numbers on the paper actually flickered like they were on one of those airport arrival/departure boards. Everytime I close my eyes, tears came streaming down my face. I left after half a day, came home and slept for about 4 hours. The rest of my day was better, though I can't fight that feeling that I'm really behind on all my work now.

Doesn't help that I'm blogging instead of editing either.

I'm awesome!

(When I'm not lame.)

neonvirus.com says... yeah, its me again :) haha...
you awesome, dont worry all your posts are good to read, even "i bought this new toy" style is fun fun... and wow, becareful of taking expired meds, you gunna trip out and start going scitso or something hehe and i think your editing of the wedding video is both super funny, logical, silly that you cared, and wondering if they requested the kinky song or what? u caring about making the groom look like a psycho is what makes you a good videographhheeer! :)
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