Friday, August 11, 2006

Day Three of Being Self-Employed.

Yeah, it's still weird. It's like I'm on summer vacation, but I have a butt load of homework that's due soon. And everyone is either wearing a suit or a white dress. WTF.

Anywho, I have to admit that I'm both working harder than I've ever been, and also procrastinating more than I've ever been. This post for instance. I'm close to finishing one wedding, but there's still seriously like 4 or 5 left. I don't even remember. And there's one tomorrow. So it's not like I'll be painting murals on my free time or anything, though I have to say that I feel a lot more refreshed, less stressed, and more... myself.

I am editing for the bulk of the time, but I do take a lot of breaks, and once my replacement laptop arrives (oh yeah, I ebayed me a faster ibook, and I'll be selling my other ibook this Sunday...) I'll be taking that to the library on a regular basis just to edit. Change of scenery, and there's way less tendency for me to do other things like snack like a fatty or look at porn. What can I say, I'm interested in anatomy.

But overall, I think it's been kinda different. My wife keeps thinking it's the weekend, because I've been home the last two days now. Hell, even I do that. Mr. Alex came down today and just assumed I was home because he started calling for Daddy before he even saw me. But like today, I just wake up, get ready to go somewhere, and then go upstairs. I don't even hang out with the wife or kids that much, just occasionally to say hi. When Zoe pooped in the potty today, I came down and cheered her on. And looked at the poop because she wanted to show me what she'd done. Yeah, I don't do that just for anyone.

I think one of my major problems in editing - is music. Seriously. I can think of a million different songs for moods, but love songs, goddamnit, I just don't listen to them. The ones I do like are like old. And kids today don't care for old music. This one I'm just finishing up has had several song changes. I'd lay then an audio track, edit to it, and then toss it out after a week because it's absolute shite. It didn't help when under musical preferences, the groom liked rap, hip-hop, and the bride liked ballads and oldies. So now I've thrown in Oscar Peterson, which some Mary J Blige, Paul McCartney, and Savage Garden in their video. I just hope they don't want to sue me for audio torture. Oh yes, and Wet Wet Wet.

Oh yeah, Love is All Around Me, C'mon and Let it Show.

Another obstacle with this baby is that they're in the hotel conference rooms the whole time. And the DJ completely shoved his musical penis into my footage by playing really loud 80s crapola, tainting all my audio. Basically, it's tough for me to keep any of the original audio in there because whenever I cut, the songs in the background are cut too, so it's disconcerting and choppy. So I have to shut out all audio and soundtrack it. Essentially turning it into a silent movie. And for the person who would think I should isolate the vocal audio from the background, please take me to your time machine as well, since you know where all the magical machines are located.

But this one's close to being done, and then it's the Indian wedding. Oh yeah, 11 hours of footage, and a good chunk of it I don't even understand. That should be a kick in the pants.

Well, back to procrastinatingwork.

I'm really gettin jelous-of-you-life syndrommmm right now. daaammm dont complain (you arent right?) your set, editing and you get paid to do it! a word of advice, you might wanna have ur clients list songs they HATE so to make sure you never accidently use a hated song, ya know? anyway, good stuff. i wish you could somehow show off some of your work!! oh and PS GIMMIE YOUR GOSHDARN PHONE NUMBER!!!h ehehe ;)
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