Friday, August 11, 2006

Well, this was bound to happen sooner or later, but I've been thinking about the progression of the blog. Now that Zoe's 2nd birthday is nearing the corner next week, this blog's namesake is a little dated, and since most my entries have very little to do with charting the wonderful progression of child-rearing, and more to do with one man's slow descent into madness, I've been considering a few things with this blog.

1) Abandon it, start a new one. Those of you who have a big crush on me will still have a blog to visit, just not American Babies.

2) Change the title, pretend nothing happened. Of course, I could change it to Fifi's Awesome Poke Puppy with Incentive, but the web address will still be Which makes it a little confusing and disturbing.

3) Pretend this post never happened, continue to blog until my kids turn old.

If I could possibly get some input on this, that would be great. If not, then I guess I'll do whatever I want, which is probably 1. Or 2. Really, I don't think anyone would care. Or would they?

Well, let me know, guys.

well... guess who?! me..
i vote for keep the address... atleast for now, because thats what i memorized for typing in cold. but you can change the name of the title, or hell do whatever you want, its your blog! hehe... although losing your blog history might suck. so dont make a new blog, buuut blogger lets you change this blogs address if you let us all know somehow ahead of time... hmm.... but you know they are STILL babies! ;) hmm...
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