Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I would be more excited about today being my last day at work, but due to the lack of sleep from editing last night, it's not really working out to be that way. I was editing a project that's underpaid, and overworked, mostly because I was willing to bend the rates to fit the customer's needs, but because the customer had so many customized needs, it got to be more of a hassle than anything. A big pain in my ass, really.

Anyway, I'm training my replacement today, and that's going as well as can be expected. It's tough when you realize that other people aren't as anal as you are, because then you feel like they're never going to get it right. But hey, not going to be my problem anymore. I got a deli breakfast at the store, which has the distinction of having the world's worst scrambled eggs. They have a rubbery texture, and each nugget of egg has a dark yellow cap of hardened egg guts on the top, giving a weird kind of taste sensation in your mouth when you bite into it. I also had one of those power drinks, which claim to give you energy, and when I got back to work my co-worker got me a Frappincino. So I'll be running the paint off walls today, till about 3pm when I collapse from a triple cardiac arrest.


So tomorrow, I'll still be going to work, except I'll be hauling my mac mini upstairs, and closing the room to JL's bedroom. Since she's gone for the summer, I'll just be using her room during the day, and perhaps spend some quality time at the library, stealing their power for my own evil devices.

I've got 5 weddings, one instructional video, one photo montage, and another wedding to shoot this weekend. So don't worry, I won't be too bored.

I posted this from the free WIFI at work at Starbucks. That's pretty cool.

neonvirus.com says... so your saying it HAPPENED??? YOU ARE 100% in work for yourself??? and you get to work in places like starbucks??? NU UH!!! really? sweeetness!! goodluck!!!! and you never replied to my email you dillweed hehehe oh and when you reply send me your phone number because i got a new cheap long distance plan from my cellphone and maybe i can give you a call sometimer!! wooo!! yo yo
Yeah, I am my own boss. Now if I could only give myself severance pay before I fire myself...

Well, technically I was on lunch at Fred's when I posted the entry, so yes and no. That starbucks is one of the few with free wi-fi, and it's limited to an hour. Boo.

What email.

What phone number.

Who the hell are you?

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