Monday, July 24, 2006

How a Procrastinator Spends His Wedding Editing Time.

So, we were at the Bite of Seattle and I decided to get cartoons done of the kids. It was a black and white sketch of the kids, and they were even in a plastic sleeve to prevent any accidental drips and whatnot. Well, we each got a five dollar strawberry shortcake that wasn't very good in the first place, and it managed to find its way into the sleeve and ruined part of the sketch. But I thought that I could salvage it by scanning it in and cleaning it up with Photoshop, and then getting a film print made of it - which would look pretty cool. Anyway, it was probably while searching for a driver for my scanner that I rarely use that I realized that I could probably try to colorize it too, since I was already digitizing it. So I did, and here are the results. They ain't great, but they're pretty good for a first timer. Luckily, I found some odd program that enabled the scanner, since the manufacturer hadn't made a driver for the Mac since OS 9.

But I decided to completely cheese it out with a background with this.

I'm pretty happy with it, though I'll probably mess with it some more. His mouth is flesh colored and I'm not that hot on the background of the finale result. Zoe's is half done, but I should probably do a few more hours of weddings before I get caught up in hers. But overall I'm pretty happy about it. The eyes on the mask was tough, but the hair was probably the hardest. I also had a heck of a time trying to add more depth to the photo, and the diffusion in the blue certainly helps. A nice little crash course in Photoshop though.

Comments: says... I:m the king of wasting time so im quite impressed with your time waster.. haha.. but really, your good.. reminds me of that stuff you did for western front online years and years ago... you got copies of that stuff? you should do more work with graphics, you aint bad :) the way, what were you procrastinating? :-D
procrastinating on editing weddings
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