Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I'm not a big fan of dubbed movies, and there's only a tiny handful of dubbings which I really care for, but I just had to do it. I rented My Neighbor Totoro for the kids, even though I do have the original somewhere, but I don't see my kids getting too into the movie if it was in Japanese. And since they don't read the subtitles, I think the English dub would be a little better for them. Which they are still watching now.

This movie still tears me up everytime I watch it. This and Finding Nemo, which Marlin holds Nemo in his fin and sees the egg, man those scenes just get me.

Anyway, work hasn't been going very well in the last week, just been distracted by one thing or another. We bought and returned two of Zoe's gifts because they were lacking and defective, and I had to hang out with a friend today because it's been a while. And tomorrow's Zoe's 2nd birthday, so I'll be busy with that.

On the flip side though, I got my new iBook and despite some complains about being lied to about the capacity and some screen blemishes, I'm really happy with it.

Well, gotta change the kids because Totoro's coming to an end. Later gators.

Comments: says... did you notice on my bento geek blog that I've been to the actual park that inspired some of the parts of my neighbor totoro?!?! coolness?!?!! happy bday to your z!
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