Saturday, September 09, 2006

Podcasts, Being Sick, Birthdays, and Procrastination

For those who have tried to download the movie, you probably have already found out that the link has problems. Well, good news is that link is fine - but you just need the latest version of Quicktime or iTunes to watch it. Sorry about that - I just figured that I would encode for iPods because it had the best quality.

So I've got a wedding for today to shoot, and I got a rather nasty cold to deal with. Last night I got zapped from it, but this morning I have feeling a bit better, with some bright colored yuckies coming out of me to verify the condition on my sickness. Hopefully I'll be able to sustain till 12:30 tonight, which is when the wedding will conclude. Long hours... Whee.

So Zoe's 2nd and Alex's 3rd birthday went well, except both days felt like Christmas because of all the left over packaging from all the presents. But the kids are just happy as clams, having all this new stuff to play with. It's weird to think they are officially out of babyhood too, that now they're just toddlers.

Looked up "procrastination" in Wikipedia, and found out that what my problem was. Trying too much to be a perfectionist, so in the end, it was just easier not to do it at all.

Well, don't feel like blogging right now, I guess. Kinda pissed at someone.

We all loved the video. Thanks so much for sharing it. Adrian was mesmorized. He kept pointing at the screen, looking over at me and saying "ooooohhh!" Hope the wedding went well and that you feel better soon. Maralise, Brendon, & Adrian
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