Saturday, October 07, 2006

So we're at the playground, and Alex is playing when he sees one of those voice-speaker things. Basically it's a pipe of some sort that allows one kid to speak into it, and on the other side of the playground, another pipe allows another kid to listen in and converse accordingly. What does Alex say? Happy Halloween. Over and over again. This causes amusement in some parents, and slight embarassment with this particular parent.

I suppose it's natural for kids and anyone really to preoccupy their minds with some kind of obsession. Whether it's perfection, their vanity, or a particular person, I think we all have to be obsessed about something in order to stay motivated in life. If we got everything we wanted, I don't suppose there's any real reason to keep doing anything. Alex's obsession is Halloween. The boy loves Halloween. As much as birthdays, even. Everytime we got to the store, he'll yelll "Halloween! Halloween!" And he'll want to push every button on every dumb animatronic. Zoe's slightly less interested in the spookfest, mostly because she's only 2 and doesn't like things that are too creepy, like ghouls, ghosts, and big-haired mumbling freaks. Our neighbor's house has become a destination because they decorated their front patio with Halloween garb.

We're trying to keep the Halloween stuff at a minimum, and so far he really hasn't had any nightmares, or Goth tendencies like wanting to put on black lipstick or mope incessantly at the local 7-eleven. He's still pretty normal. For now.

Beginning of this week, seriously, I was a little annoyed at the crap that was going on. At the end of the week, there is slightly good news to bear with, depending how you look at it. For my business, it's great, and for the light at the end of the tunnel, it's looking a lot dimmer and harder to spot. I scored two weddings in October out of nowhere, and they're not even like tiny weddings. Well, one of them is smallish. But it's still a bunch of work that I gotta do.

My wife and I are trying to get on some kind of schedule. So that we can maximize our time and spend more time together.

Hmm, my attention is trailing.

I guess so am I.

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